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Tooth fractures

If your child fell on their face, you had an accident and your teeth became wobbly, this article is for you. What are tooth fractures? Dental fractures occur when a foreign body collides with the mouth and teeth, for example when falling on the face, whether in children or the elderly, or in car accidents or quarrels, and it may result in a fracture in one or several teeth at once and also may result in tooth bleeding if it involves the root canal of the teeth involved. What are the risks of having a fractured tooth? Broken teeth may result in pain in the area of ​​the tooth that does not subside with painkillers, and it may lead to bleeding of the gums with the teeth if the fracture reaches deep into the jaw and to the bone, and it may also result in the death of dental nerves and the occurrence of ulcers in the lips and cheeks if the fractured tooth is sharp, but if the fracture is smooth, the fracture may reach the tooth nerve, and upon the death of the nerve, there may be the forma