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Dental consultations

What do we do when checking your teeth? If you ever wondered what do dentists look for in your teeth when you show them your mouth and open up, this article is for you. Hygiene  of your mouth Presence  of caries Position  of caries Depth  of caries Extent  of caries Involvement  of root canals with caries or not Alignment  of teeth And that is just to name a few. In fact, the comprehensive list goes way beyond these perplexing parameters, and by force of habit, all those items are simultaneously checked to every tooth, as soon as you walk in for the first time. For example, did you know that with each patient, we like to know if they have underlying systemic conditions, for example there could be allergies to Latex from gloves or Nickel in the metal braces. I personally had the unfortunate experience of getting rashes and puffy eyes by Latex sensitivity back while I was still in college, before even going into dental school.  What happened to the adage of “Look, Listen, and Feel”? In t


  Ever wondered when you were a child how your teeth all of a sudden split at the front? How about teeth that you suddenly grow high up near your eyes? And why specifically do these teeth matter? What makes them behave that way? If you want to know how can braces solve that problem in children and young teens, read some more. Canines The Canines, also named " Fangs "," Eye teeth ", or just Canines (not that beautiful pet of yours), are the teeth that look like daggers at the front of your mouth. They are the teeth that begin to erupt around the age of nine years, sometimes a little earlier, sometimes a little later. They form what we call the corner of the smile, and rightly so, because they occupy the middle, transitional position between the cutters (your front teeth), and the chewers (the back teeth). They are pivotal to getting your smile arc, your facial bones supported, and thus, your age looks. Canines normally erupt, gliding on roots of the neighboring teeth