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Quality perception and quality dental care, what is the connection?

If quality perception and quality dental care are blurry to you, this article brought to you by By Dr Adel Zakhary Dental Clinic - the best dental clinic in Egypt, will help you understand better. Quality dental care - Copyright Dr Adel Zakhary 2021 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Quality dental care, what is it? And what is quality? Quality  is a standard of something measured against another thing of a similar kind. Its degree of excellence. It can be the quality of process and uniformity of product, the fitness to use a product by conforming to requirements and reducing defects and lack of failures.  Quality dental care, it is the global attitude judgement of a superior service - one's attitude to judge getting their dental service. How is dental quality perceived One way is to perceive the quality based on perception, expectations, and actuality of quality. To think quality dental treatment is equivalent to one type of quality is a pitfall to judging the service. To rely only on numeric