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ما هى خطوات زراعة الاسنان

 : اذا ترغب بمعرفة كيف تتم زراعة الاسنان و ما هى خطوات زراعة الاسنان و مراحلها، فضلا قم بمتابعة هذة المقالة ان زراعة الاسنان تعد من احدى سبل تعويض الاسنان المفقودة بالاضافة لعمليات التجميل و تقويم الاسنان و التركيبات الثابتة مثل الزيركون و الايماكس و البورسلين و زراعة الاسنان لها مميزات عديدة عن البقية منها اعادة استخدام عظام الفك و منع ضمورة الذى يصاحبة تغير الوجة و المظهر العجائزى، الا وهو انسدال الشفاة بشكل مبالغ فية. ايضا من فوائد زراعة الاسنان تحسين المظهر الجمالى للاسنان المتبقية من خلال عمليات التجميل المصاحبة للزراعة مثل رفع الجيوب، و تنبيت العظم فى مناطق الفك التى فقدت الاسنان منذ وقت طويل .و ايضا تحسين القدرة على مضغ و هضم الماكولات خصوصا لكبار السن من مرضى الاسنان التصوير و  الاشعة  و المقاس فى بداية الفحص و الكشف لدى دكتور عادل زخارى افضل دكتور اسنان فى مصر، يتم اخد اشعة مقطعية و طبعة مقاس للحالة و دراستها لتبين مدى صلاحية البنية التحتية للفك للزراعة. و هذا لتقدير كثافة العظام و تخطيط سمك زرعات الاسنان و عددها و ابعادها بالاضافة الى انواعها و الحاجة لاضفاء عظم اضافى ام اجرا

“Does it hurt?” or How do dentists tell if a tooth has a cavity?

  Most people tend think their teeth are perfect, but once they do decide to visit their dentist, their resolve is shaken. How can your dentist tell if the tooth has a cavity? The dentist examines their teeth and at once they begin to tell that something is wrong if the whole examination took a little while longer to the normal checkup, or if the dentist starts to bring in things off the table, and starts to ask the familiar question: “Does it hurt?”. Many times in our clinic, I have seen reactions from our patients ranging from a stunned gaze all the way to “no, Doc, you are wrong, my teeth are perfect”, and the final result is usually baffling. Telltale signs what if you as a person could look at your own teeth. Can you see any of these features? chipping (little cracks running on the tooth) mamelons (the little knobs that most people have at the edges of their front teeth) white lines or dark lines on the back teeth broken front tooth yellow white spots under the surface yellow bro

Tooth fractures

If your child fell on their face, you had an accident and your teeth became wobbly, this article is for you. What are tooth fractures? Dental fractures occur when a foreign body collides with the mouth and teeth, for example when falling on the face, whether in children or the elderly, or in car accidents or quarrels, and it may result in a fracture in one or several teeth at once and also may result in tooth bleeding if it involves the root canal of the teeth involved. What are the risks of having a fractured tooth? Broken teeth may result in pain in the area of ​​the tooth that does not subside with painkillers, and it may lead to bleeding of the gums with the teeth if the fracture reaches deep into the jaw and to the bone, and it may also result in the death of dental nerves and the occurrence of ulcers in the lips and cheeks if the fractured tooth is sharp, but if the fracture is smooth, the fracture may reach the tooth nerve, and upon the death of the nerve, there may be the forma

Middle-aged dental problem solving

  If you are between 40-60 years old, have some broken teeth, have some that are missing or lost due to time, this piece will give you insights on how we decide what to do in your case. Broken teeth only? People usually become busy with life and its toll, and with getting married and having kids. I remember once, as a 16 years old, I witnessed my dad breaking one of his teeth trying to pry open a knot on a plastic bag with his teeth. Its a fact of life that at some point, your teeth shall give in. Like most organs do, and people turn older, and become less active, so does the body and the teeth are no exception. Thus the majority of cases that do show up, tend to have any of these problems.  To save, or not to save? During  dental examination , middle-aged dental patients because lets face it, often more than not, patients want the quick way out. Most ladies and gentlemen we see at  our clinic  come with a myriad of problems ranging from gums that are receded, bad breath, broken teeth,