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Why are braces expensive?

  Many people often wonder why the braces cost so much. For an elective type of treatment. Why is there a huge difference in cost between the different types of braces? Why do doctors charge so much to put them on? What controls the prices of braces? Why do the inexpensive variety work much less like the expensive variety if its the same exact thing?   First lets consider the doctors themselves. Braces in most parts of the world require expertise to be placed. The graduate dentist could stick them on equally like the trained professional orthodontist, and maybe a monkey could stick them on even better than both of them. However, graduate dentists are very limited to understanding how it works.  The angles and numbers involved. The science. That is why it costs alot to become a trained professional only to this treatment. To open up a dental practice costs a fortune nowadays compared to back in the day, let alone running and marketing costs. The running costs are in constant climb, whic