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What happens on the first day of braces?

Ever wondered what people feel when they receive their first brace? We have a few replies from our first cases, some of which are funny, others are just to feel for. Lets dive in! I feel I got stung. My corners hurt so bad.  Just a little headache A little funny I guess. Hurts me a little when smiling. My lips are getting caught in something I keep rubbing my tongue over my teeth, but can't feel them  My cheeks hurt  I cant eat That is just a few of the feedback we often get with our patients getting their braces. So what exactly causes all these reactions? Well, braces are designed to move teeth. So teeth that are anchored to the bone need some force to start moving. Like moving a little chess piece takes some of your strength (albeit not that much!) When teeth start movement, the nerves underneath the teeth encased also with the blood vessels supplying the teeth are compressed. If you sit on your arm for a while, sometimes you can move after and get a tingling sensation. Neither