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What happens on the first day of braces?

Ever wondered what people feel when they receive their first brace? We have a few replies from our first cases, some of which are funny, others are just to feel for. Lets dive in! I feel I got stung. My corners hurt so bad.  Just a little headache A little funny I guess. Hurts me a little when smiling. My lips are getting caught in something I keep rubbing my tongue over my teeth, but can't feel them  My cheeks hurt  I cant eat That is just a few of the feedback we often get with our patients getting their braces. So what exactly causes all these reactions? Well, braces are designed to move teeth. So teeth that are anchored to the bone need some force to start moving. Like moving a little chess piece takes some of your strength (albeit not that much!) When teeth start movement, the nerves underneath the teeth encased also with the blood vessels supplying the teeth are compressed. If you sit on your arm for a while, sometimes you can move after and get a tingling sensation. Neither

Debunking myths: Single jaw braces

  Often times in our practice, we meet patients who desire to only fix teeth in either of their jaws, but not both jaws. Proponents of the treatment often say it cuts down on the total treatment time by half, while others claim that the teeth moved do not sit nicely with the opposing teeth and sometimes, the patient is left with a less than desirable outcome. What is single jaw braces? It is when teeth on one jaw are more crooked than the other jaw, giving the patient an impression that only these teeth need fixing. Its a type of treatment where the patient perceives teeth in one jaw fixed, without the necessary need for the teeth to meet the other teeth opposing them.  Why is it important that teeth meet each other? Teeth are designed to chew food, support the face, and reduce food to digestable material, for absorption (or intake of benefits from food into the body, from amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates – the basic needs of the body). Teeth meet eachother in unison, under a speci

Why are braces expensive?

  Many people often wonder why the braces cost so much. For an elective type of treatment. Why is there a huge difference in cost between the different types of braces? Why do doctors charge so much to put them on? What controls the prices of braces? Why do the inexpensive variety work much less like the expensive variety if its the same exact thing?   First lets consider the doctors themselves. Braces in most parts of the world require expertise to be placed. The graduate dentist could stick them on equally like the trained professional orthodontist, and maybe a monkey could stick them on even better than both of them. However, graduate dentists are very limited to understanding how it works.  The angles and numbers involved. The science. That is why it costs alot to become a trained professional only to this treatment. To open up a dental practice costs a fortune nowadays compared to back in the day, let alone running and marketing costs. The running costs are in constant climb, whic