Things to know when putting on braces

If you are giving thoughts to braces and are on the fence, here are a few things from your orthodontist (who happens to be fathered by an orthodontist as well, yep that is two generations of braces doctors talking, listen up!).

I had my braces back in 2000. My dad did a full course of treatment on me. Some of the things I wanted answered were questions in my mind. As an early teenager, you are just baffled by the fact that these things even exist, and, being of that age group, you know, with all the peer pressure, seeing your friends having these metal things in their mouths, you take the plunge and get your first brace. I’ve compiled a list of the most common questions I could think of, and even was asked as an orthodontist. If you have braces, these are for you:

What is it

Braces are small attachments that are attached to your teeth with special purpose glue, and are connected together with a wire.

What it does

Obviously, move teeth, so that you can look better and even smile better. Myriad of benefits to wearing your braces. You might want to check our brochure to find out what can braces solve.

How long does it take to put on?

Putting on the braces can take anywhere between 15 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on how good the dentist is, and how difficult the case might be. Sometimes, we tend to want to make additional steps in the installation, for example, if our patient is producing too much saliva, or if they have difficulty breathing.

Does it require an injection?

No, No, NO! No injection whatsoever! Normally we use injectors for numbing teeth if we are doing fillings, or root canal treatments. But braces, never!

What is that blue gel on my teeth, and why does it taste bad?

Its what we use to prepare the tooth to receive the glue used to attach the braces on. The stuff is mostly acidic, so that also explains why you should NOT swallow it, and why it tastes bad. The dentist will rinse alot after this one, in order to make sure it doesnt stay inside your mouth. You might also want to rinse repeatedly after it.

Ok I feel a little bit of pain, what is going on?

Well pain is your body telling you that “I can detect the teeth moving”. It is normal in the first day or even few days later following braces installation. It is also because teeth are normally without pain. So pain is a very good sign that your teeth are in face moving. Congratulations!

Can the pain go away with braces?

As your teeth start to take shape and align, they start to feel less pressure, since they are closer to the corrected position. And you already know what pressure feels like. So the pain also reduces. However, you could be prescribed painkillers for a few days following the installation. It is important to check with your doctor and tell them if the pain can be bearable, or if it lingers alot to cause a disturbance in your lifestyle.something is grasping my lip when I talk, what to do?

Something is grasping my lip or poking my cheek. What to do?

It could be the wire sticking out back. If its the lip, you can use the wax provided to cover the rough edges of the braces. The wire itself can be tucked away if you are away. If you can arrange an appointment with your dentist, that would be all the better.

What are those colors on the braces?

Those colors are what probably caused you to put them on, right? Well you are in luck. The color is basically rubber ties that activate your braces. Every visit to your orthodontist, you will get that color changed, or replaced (as you wish).

I ate Snickers and my braces broke, what can I do? is there something I shouldn’t eat with braces?

Normally, you would schedule an appointment if the braces are broken. Sometimes, the broken braces can leave a tiny bit of the wire poking at the back, and to that you can either cut the wire if you can’t visit your doctor, or place a ball of wax at the end. 

Some foods, like hard and sticky foods (and Snickers are no exception!) should not be eaten with braces. However, its just that one time, right?

How often should I clean my teeth with braces?

Normally, following every meal,and we explained why that is very important.

How do I clean my braces?

Normally, you would use the regular toothbrush with soft bristles to clean your teeth parts not having braces, like the back, sides, and top. Gummy areas and areas of braces are a little more challenging, and require that special brush to reach in and clean thoroughly. Sometimes, it helps if you have a Waterpik, or a Jet brush. The point is, make it a habit to not leave food over your braces, especially in Covid-19. For the invisible aligner types of braces (Invisalign), regular brushing and flossing will do the trick. You might as well be prescribed a mouthwash with your choice of alcohol content (not for consumption!).


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