Quality perception and quality dental care, what is the connection?

If quality perception and quality dental care are blurry to you, this article brought to you by By Dr Adel Zakhary Dental Clinic - the best dental clinic in Egypt, will help you understand better.

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Quality dental care, what is it? And what is quality?

Quality is a standard of something measured against another thing of a similar kind. Its degree of excellence. It can be the quality of process and uniformity of product, the fitness to use a product by conforming to requirements and reducing defects and lack of failures. 

Quality dental care, it is the global attitude judgement of a superior service - one's attitude to judge getting their dental service.

How is dental quality perceived

One way is to perceive the quality based on perception, expectations, and actuality of quality. To think quality dental treatment is equivalent to one type of quality is a pitfall to judging the service. To rely only on numeric indicators of quality is the opposite extreme. Lets get deeper!

Perceptive quality

Quality perception of rendered, obtained, witnessed, or given dental service, that is received from the dental office. For example, getting fillings, implants, braces without pain. In this type, a dental service that is tangible, reliable, assured, competent, courteous, credible, secure, empathetic, and offers good communication are the pillars that form it.

Expected quality

Quality tendered. For example, newcomers to our dental office after COVID-19 pandemic expect rigorous social distancing measures, like having seats apart, minimized waiting time, infection control staff working around the clock, sterilized operatories and chairs. It is yet to be tangible. And because of this, it is the most biased and untrustworthy to follow. Because of basing expectations on quality (Quality perception).

Actual quality

Is the quantifiable type. The statistical. The numeric type of quality. For example, ratings of a dental office online. Measurable. For example, busiest times of day of a dental office. Speed of admission to the operatory. Speed of the consultation. This type is the most faithful of dental quality, yet the least visible to the patients. It is based on data unmurked, and unbiased by expert opinion. 

Patient-centered quality

It is dental quality that is based solely on reliability. Its the one that drives word of mouth. It is what patients yearn to on feeling a sharp shooting pain, a function of past experiences of member patients, the expected quality, and the actual quality that is purely data-driven. It requires extensive market research, demands more levels of management, and is plagued by upward communication. 

Take home message

As a dental patient, you should combine your previous experience, with numerical evidence of quality (such as waiting times), with fiscal evidence of pricing, and with word of mouth in order to select a good dentist. Not one of them, but at least two of the measures of quality to be able to judge a good dentist. If you liked our article, be sure to visit Dr Adel Zakhary Dental Clinic, the best dental clinic in Egypt.


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